Wednesday, November 18, 2009


So last night as the Biggest Loser was wrapping up and I continued to plug away at creating my training materials, I treated myself to a small bite (a quarter) of a chocolate chip cookie sandwich from Babycakes. It was so good but I think the steady stream of sugar is starting to upset my stomach.

It was another late night and I woke up wishing that I could sleep for a few more hours. I had 2 slices of toast (one for my egg white, one w/ PB and cinnamon) with an egg white, and pear drizzled with AB and a dab of yogurt.

Lunch was a salad and veggie fried rice. Last night I cooked some brown rice. Then, I sauteed some broccoli, bell pepper, Asian stir fry mix, and snow peas. I added about 3/4c brown rice to the pan plus 2 egg whites, garlic powder, soy sauce, red chili flakes, and a drop of teriyaki sauce (GF, of course). I split the batch into 2 and added some baked tofu. Voila! 2 lunches ready to go!

I was hungry around 2 and had my fruit leather and a few almonds. Later in the afternoon I picked up a side salad from Wendy's because I was starving yet again.

After work I set out to do a bit of shopping. For the past month I've been on a quest to find a pair of pants that fits me appropriately. Now that I'm working again, I've realized that most of my pants are pretty baggy and I feel like a slob. After trying on multiple styles I left the store empty handed. I was disappointed and definitely plan to do some good shopping in Dallas!!

I'd been looking forward to dinner all day long. I roasted a sweet potato, a handful of fresh green beans, and brussel sprouts with some olive oil spray, garlic powder, and red chili. I topped a 1/2c brown rice and the rest of my baked tofu (about 1/3c) with half of the veggie mixture, and sprinkled that with some parmesan cheese and hot sauce. Yummmmm!!

Dessert was 1/4c yogurt w/ a drizzle of maple syrup, cinnamon, and PB, and some Gorilla Munch.

In happy news - I have completed all of the planning for my training this weekend! Yay! Now, I just have to review everything, just in case, and print a few things. This is a huge weight off of my shoulders and I'm excited to get some sleep and hit the gym in the morning!


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