Monday, November 23, 2009

It's gross out

I finally decided to drag myself to the grocery store because there were a few things I needed to get for the couple of days I'm here in DC. I tried to miss the rain, but, as my luck would have it, I went out in the midst of the storm :-/

I ran a few errands on my way to the store, picked up what I needed, and had a quick lunch while I was there. I definitely needed some vegetables after my weekend eats, so I had a salad with veggies, black beans, chickpeas, and a dollop of cranberry rice. It hit the spot and I headed home.

I've been catching up on life this afternoon and laying low. I'm still feeling icky and think my training run is out for today. I am trying to decide about yoga class tonight and if I skip, will probably end up doing some stretching here. I have 0 motivation to be outside today!

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