Thursday, November 12, 2009

Happy that my weekend is here!

I am so happy to have made it through this week. Between seeing friends, late night programs for work, and the dreary nor-easter that's sitting on top of DC right now, I've been keeping myself busy and feel like I had a jam-packed week.

Tonight was my first workout since Sunday and boy, did it feel good! I did 35minutes of running intervals and another 30 minutes on the elliptical, with quite a few sprints. I stretched and ran from / to home to get a bit more cardio in. I've hit 8 miles for the day - I guess I'm making up for only getting in 3 or 4 a day since Sunday.

I had some salad and my veggie chili (last of it, I swear) with cauliflower faux-tatoes on top, Shepherd's pie style.
For lunch I had a salad with carrots, corn, and kidney and black beans with a light sprinkling of cheese and an apple. I felt refueled for my afternoon but did manage to snack on some more fruit and some nuts during our all-department meeting in which we made care packages and wrote cards for T.A.P.S, an organization that works with families of fallen soldiers.

This morning I had some PB toast, an egg white on 1 slice toast, and a pear w/ an AB drizzle. It held be over until 2pm which was great!

Yesterday I got to sleep in a bit because I knew I'd be working until at least 11pm. I had my Bob's Red Mill hot cereal with berries, flax, and PB drizzled on top. I have to admit, the flax seeds really keep me feeling full for quite a long time! 4 hours at least! It's kind of nice.

When I did finally get hungry in the afternoon, I had my favorite Wasabi chicken soup. The broth was quite oily so I dumped it out and just ate the chicken, rice, and veggies.

I stopped at home for about an hour and a half in which I did some packing for my trip to New York this weekend and ate dinner. I had a salad with corn, carrots, and some brown rice tortilla chips crumbles and an Amy's tamale pie for dinner.

When I finally made it home last night I had a piece of toast w/ PB as I watched Top Chef and then headed to bed.

Whew, as I said, I'm glad for the weekend and to be heading to New York tomorrow. I'm joining my parents and various friends to celebrate the centennial of my dad's fraternity. I'm just hoping the sun comes out for a bit!!

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