Monday, November 16, 2009

New York City!!

This past weekend I went to New York city for a special occasion - my dad's fraternity's centennial gala. I was excited to be able to be part of the official celebration of the occasion, eat some yummy food, see my parents and friends, and attempt to like New york a little bit better :-)

I woke up before my alarm on Friday morning, had some breakfast and finished packing. I had some European style yogurt, a pear, and a GF toaster waffle.

Lunch was eaten on the bus. I had packed a GF PB &J sandwich, carrots, and grapes to eat on the way. It was the perfect mobile meal on our rainy trek north.

I arrived in the afternoon and walked the 12 blocks to the hotel where we were staying for the weekend. It was great to see my parents after a few months and we quickly made our way to a happy hour at one fraternity brother's apartment on the Upper West Side. (warning - I was really bad at taking food pictures, except for one meal). I nibbled on veggies and a bit of matbuchah (Middle Eastern tomato salsa) and hummus. It was a great kick-off to the weekend! My parents and I headed to Times Square from there where we saw Hair. It was a good production and it's always fun to see a show in NY. We went to Ellen's Stardust Diner for a snack / dinner / dessert. My parents are a bit obsessed with the place - all of the waiters are in training and auditioning for Broadway shows and they're actually pretty good. By the time we were done it was 1 am and time to hide to bed.

Saturday morning my mom and I had breakfast with a friend and then attempted to get tickets to see the afternoon show of Wicked. We did not win the lottery to get tickets so instead we headed downtown to the East Village to visit a GF bakery that I have heard amazing things about. Babycakes lived up to all of the hype - the goodies there are fantastic and I loved that they even have treats sans unrefined sugar!! After loading up on treats to bring back to DC, it was early afternoon and I was quite hungry.

We headed across town to the West Village to visit Risotteria, another GF-friendly establishment. I think my mom was pretty shocked that I was actually excited to eat Italian food (it's a very rare occurrence)! My mom also loved that they had glutinous things on the menu which meant she could eat something "normal." They bring you breadsticks when you sit down (GF, of course) which were pretty good (I ate half of mine).

And we started with a salad with lettuce, corn, green beans, and sun-dried tomatoes

And the piece de resistance - gluten free mozzerella pizza!! I only had a slice (the rest is in my fridge :-) ) and it was soooooo delicious!

Saturday night was the big gala and we all had a great time. A couple of people from my sorority also joined us for the festivities and it was a wonderful night!

On Sunday, I had to be up early so I managed a gym session (10.5 mile sprint on the bike), a light breakfast, and then finished up my packing. As everyone was heading out to the airport, I was off to brunch with some friends. We went to Rice in Murray Hill which was also delish and then they were so kind as to walk / navigate me to my bus stop. I got home last night, exhausted, and tried to prepare for another busy week.

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