Thursday, November 19, 2009

Snooze Button Guilt

I did it. I rolled over, hit the snooze button, and gave myself an extra hour and a half of sleep instead of going to the gym. Some weeks I'd be fine with waking up to exercise and get it out of the way, but I don't know how you morning exercisers do it. I am much more of a day time / evening exerciser!

I have to pack for Indy today (hopefully get some of it done before heading to work), run a few errands, and my gym has added Zumba to its roster so I'm hoping to try that class tonight!

Breakfast was toast (1 slice w/ my egg white, one with cinnamon and PB) and a pear with a few blackberries.

Have a good day everyone!

When do you like to work out? Mornings? Night? Do you prefer classes or working out on your own?

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