Tuesday, November 3, 2009

New Approach

I woke up this morning hoping I would be able to head back to work and leave my apartment for more than 30 minutes for the first time in 5 days. Nevertheless, my throat was raw and hurting and I felt pretty crappy all around. Not the start to my day that I was anticipating.

So, I moved from my bed to the couch... and then to the kitchen shortly thereafter for my morning green tea. While making my breakfast ideas were running through my head about what could help me start to feel like a real human being again. I've been getting lots of vitamin C, feeding myself good foods and soups, trying to stay well-hydrated, and getting lots of rest. Then, as soon as Matt Lauer popped back on the tv, I remembered a segment I saw on the Today show yesterday about the germs that lurk in our kitchens. Aha, that's it! While I've been making sure to wash my hands, not leave dishes in the sink, and would never say that my apartment is messy or dirty, it was time to do a good cleaning now that I'm recovering from my flu.

So, after breakfast, I thoroughly cleaned my apartment - kitchen, bathroom, door knobs, I vacuumed, dusted, changed sheets and swept. Plus I cleaned my phone, the TV remotes, and any appliance surface I've touched in the last week - which in my studio, was most of the apartment! Goodbye germs! Feeling accomplished, I settled in for some rest and rehydrating on my couch and got some more work done for the sorority.

My appetite is still recovering from the flu, so I had a small lunch consisting of last night's leftovers. The small meal hit the spot and I once again headed out for a small errand. It felt good to stretch my legs and get some fresh air and sunlight! I'll probably stay in tonight and rest up for tomorrow (hopefully back at work). And, it's Tuesday which means my favorite "healthy" show the Biggest Loser is on!

I've decided to start taking pictures with my camera instead of on my phone. Let me know what you think! Also, what's your favorite active TV show?

Toast w/ PB and cinnamon, an egg white and some berries

Cuban black beans over rice and sprinkled with reduced-fat cheddar and roasted brussel sprouts!

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