Monday, November 30, 2009

Thanksgiving 2009 Re-cap

I'm pretty behind in my blogging, sorry everyone! It was all worth it because I was fully able to enjoy my time at home for Thanksgiving!!

I arrived early on Wednesday and met one aunt and uncle at the airport. We spent the day hanging out and running a couple of errands. My favorite part of the day was helping my mom with all of the cooking. Nothing says mother-daughter bonding like baking, prepping, and cooking :-)

That night we went to dinner and then I went to a big party downtown with all of my Dallas friends from high school, youth group, and college that were in town.

Thursday morning started bright and early for the 42nd annual Turkey Trot. I fueled with a bowl of hot cereal and an egg white and we headed downtown to start the race. Overall, it was a great morning. There were over 37,000 participants this year and the weather was pretty nice. I was on pace to finish in 1:30:00 up until I got a migraine in the last mile, which I had to walk in its entirety. I ended up finishing in 1:45:00 which I was pretty pleased about but I would like to be able to try that distance again for a better time. It's all part of the running process, I guess.

We spent the rest of the morning and early afternoon relaxing. I slept off the rest of my migraine and awoke fresh and ready to finish helping with cooking and getting dinner ready. It was finally dinner time and we were all excited! My mom's family hasn't ever been to Texas for Thanksgiving and it was really nice to host them. The food was delicious, we had a great time eating, hanging out, watching football, and enjoying each others company. It was truly a great day!

On Friday morning, the boys went golfing and the girls set off to do some shopping. My dad ended up meeting up with the girls after the gym since he's not a big golfer and then we all headed home for leftovers. I had a salad with turkey as well as a few sides, mmmm. Then, we spent some time outside visiting, and my dad's parents came over. There was a quick mani/pedi in there (with one of my cousins and aunts) and then dinner downtown at Veracruz, a Mayan / Mexican restaurant.

Saturday was our day to play tourist, which ended up being a lot of fun. I actually met up with a friend from high school for breakfast beforehand. I had a great time catching up and talking about life being back in Dallas. Who knows, maybe that's where I'll be headed next. Stops on our tour included the American Airlines Center and Plaza, Dealy Plaza, and the Chisolm Trail down near City Hall. My dad is a big history buff so hearing his lesson on the assassination was fascinating. We also had a blast playing in and amongst the cows :-) Lunch was had at the Village Burger Bar and then it was time for everyone to head off to the airport.

I was glad to have another day at home to spend with my parents and to recover from all of the activities of the weekend. Now I'm back in DC but am really happy that I was able to be home for Thanksgiving this year!

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