Monday, August 2, 2010

August Progress Report

Catching up from the weekend?

At the start of July I laid out the following goals for myself:

  • Incorporate 1 new recipe a week from this book I purchased for my birthday. What better to get on track than a book entitled Clean Food?!
  • Snack a lot less. There were a lot of treats, snacks, and nibbles that went undocumented and I believe they add up. While I don't feel drastically different, I know I need to eat more intuitively and ease up on the nighttime snackage ;)
  • Move a little bit more while still letting my foot heal. This has really been the never-ending injury and while I'm sick of it, I can't deny that I'm not 100% healed and need to relax a bit on my activity. Yes, it hurts me to say that after a month of good physical activity.
And here's my progress report -
  • I read a lot of Clean Food and stare at it daily on my shelf. I've yet to make a recipe from the book but have realized that 1) I make a lot of meals very similar to what's in the book. This is probably because of my resolution to eat less processed foods and that I've really committed myself to eating more fresh, local foods from my farmers market as well. I have picked out my first recipe to make - I'm just waiting til I have time to make and enjoy it :)
  • I'm snacking a lot less during the day. Not so much after dinner at night. I made a couple of switches - lunch and dinner have a little more oomph and my afternoon snack therefore is lighter (unless I need proper workout fuel). I'm still snacking on warm, carby goodness at night which is mostly out of boredom, sleepiness, and craving comfort.
  • I moved more on some weeks and not so much on others. I did try Body Pump and also have committed to attending pilates every week. We're moving to more advanced moves in class which is good but I've been less committed to training on my own. The one huge benefit - my foot is feeling stronger than it was at the beginning of the month when I had my little relapse!
Based on this, my goals for August are:
  • Redesign my workout schedule for where I'm at now. Commit to strength training 2x a week, pilates, and start adding back in biking, walking, and ellipticalling which I was able to do in June pain-free. I know I can do it and feel better. I just need to remind myself I love making this a top priority in my life.
  • Identify what's behind my night time snacking. I think it's a result of ignoring my body's cues to go to sleep, so I want to try tea, turning off the tv, and unwinding when I feel tired.
  • Put the finishing touches on decorating my apartment in preparation for my return to school. I will need a set-up that allows me to do work with comfort and ease in my apartment. Writing papers on an uncomfortable couch or sans a tabletop just won't cut it.
  • Savor the final real month of Summer. It's no secret this is my favorite season and I intend to squeeze every warm, wonderful moment I can out of this month B-)
How did your month of July shape up? What are you looking forward to in August? What are you hoping to improve upon? Let's make this a place where we can share our goals and encourage each other to meet them!! 

I was up early this morning to register for classes this semester and was thrilled to get the ones I was hoping for. Just using online technology for school will be a learning curve in and of itself - a lot has changed since I graduated in 2007!

Having extra time this morning will hopefully continue the good day. I was extra hungry when I woke up and had an egg white and a half plus a delicious bowl of overnight cereal with strawberries, blueberries, and 1/2T of peanut butter.

Off I go! Happy Monday!

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