Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Daddy's Girl

August 25th has always been an important day in my life. Usually because that's around the time that school started (or in college definitely did start) and it's also my dad's birthday! It makes it easy to remember :)

All day long I couldn't help but think about all the ways in which I'm a daddy's girl. I've long taken pride in that title and anyone who knows us (including my own mother) will admit that it's the truth. What can I say, we're 2 peas in a pod!

A few years ago my dad cut out gluten from his diet. He was convinced it was the culprit behind a couple of decade's worth of stomach issues. I was excited because I got to share all of the great gluten free products I'd discovered with him.

One of those products was Bob's Red Mill Mighty Gluten Free Hot Cereal. That my friends is the official name of the hot cereal I've come to eat during every season. When I'm home, my dad requests that I make him a bowl for breakfast too. Today's standard bowl with Asian pear, black berries, and 1/2T peanut butter was eaten at work, along with an egg white.

I worked diligently throughout the morning and because appreciative of my organization skills. Those too are things I learned from my dad and have even taken to the Nth degree. We are Type-A people who love to-do lists, organization, order, writing things down, and more. I swear we're fun!

Lunch was a delicious and random mix: arugula and romaine with carrot, a serving of baby lentils, a pickle, and Amy's Italian dressing. I also had the end piece of my Udi's loaf (something my dad and grandfather love b/c it's extra crispy!) with roasted red pepper spread and a sprinkle of parm.

I headed back to the office, glad to have walked out some of my jitters. I have always been the kid / college student / young professional that squirms in her seat, prefers to stand, and doesn't ever like to sit still; it's another trait inherited from Phil.

In between squirming and standing in meetings, I managed a few snacks. The first was steamed veggies left over from a lunch and the second was 1/4c of Greek yogurt with a peach drizzled in peanut butter.

After wrapping things up for the day I set out on a couple of errands. 1) Staples and 2) Whole Foods. Those 2 places always seem to be errands Dad and I enjoy running (see above). Others always included walking through Macy's early on Saturday mornings helping my dad match ties and shirts (once upon a time I loved to wake up super early), bike rides and long walks, and many more.

Staples was an adventure in and of itself and Whole Foods was nothing out of the ordinary.

Out of character for me, I wasn't too hungry for dinner so I threw together a repeat bowl of pasta from the other night. 2/3 of a serving of pasta, 1/4c chickpeas, roasted veg, tomato sauce, and a bit of parmesan.

I'm now listening to jazz and Broadway (2 kinds of music Phil loves), doing lots of blog writing because there's lots on my mind, fidgeting, and doing some volunteer work for the sorority. The last item is something I've definitely learned from my dad - the value of giving back to something important, making a commitment, and having fun. The program I run is based on something my dad runs for his fraternity (which I helped design).

Not such a bad night. I mean, who doesn't love celebrating one of their parents, even if they're out having more fun on a Wednesday than you are?!  :-D

Happy birthday to a wise, loving, fun Dad that's taught me so many things in my 25 years!!


  1. Great post! Aren't dads the best? ;)

  2. Awww, what a cute post! I'm also a Daddy's girl :) Happy Birthday to your Dada!

  3. This is so sweet :) I'm a daddy's girl too!

  4. I have learned so much from my dad as well. They are great teachers aren't they :)