Sunday, August 22, 2010

Lazy Sunday

I've said it once and I'll say it again. I love lazy weekends! Having no firm plans in place has been refreshing after a hectic couple of weeks. My brain has appreciated the down time and being able to do some planning and assessing. Yes, that's how I spent a good chunk of my Saturday.

I slept in til 11:00am again this morning and it was glorious. Since I wasn't hungry yet I decided to make my way over to the farmers market, if only because I wanted to see some of my summer favorites again before summer ends.

I treated myself to some beautiful okra (purple and green!) and Asian pears. I believe that just this week I announced the longing I've had for a good, in-season pear despite not wanting Fall to arrive.

Brunch was my last donut peach and a baby pear along with an egg sandwich on Udi's whole grain bread. While savoring this sandwich I realized my favorite part of the bread - the crust. It has such a deep flavor with good crunch. Plus there's a bit of flour on it that reminds me of regular bread I've watched people eat for years. When I made a grilled hummus sandwich it took on that grilled texture, soaking up a bit of oil for extra flavor. It's the crust that really makes this bread what it is.

With that, I'm off to tackle some errands. On tap:
  • shopping for throw pillows
  • gym for the elliptical and weights
  • washing dishes
  • cooking prep for the week
  • maybe seeing Eat, Pray, Love?
  • get organized for the week
How will you spend your Sunday?

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  1. Im like you, I love the combo of being lazy and productive. Its nice to not have plans and do things at your own pace and actually enjoy them while not being rushed. I really want to see Eat Pray Love too! Im spending my Sunday doing laundry, going for a run, and getting things ready for my first day of grad school!! Hope you have a great day!