Monday, August 30, 2010

MBA Monday

In honor of the fact I was on campus for over 12 hours, I've declared today a Minimal Monday. I hope you can understand :)  I'll be back to recap my first day of classes more fully tomorrow but here's the minimal details of Monday for your viewing pleasure.

Favorite breakfast, eaten at work.

Romaine, spinach, carrot, pickle, chicken, lentils. Plus half a serving Snyder's pretzels with red pepper spread.

My co-worker baked cakes in honor of the 1st day of classes. 1 for everyone and 1 gluten free cake for me. She used white cake mix from Gluten Free Pantry with chocolate frosting. It was amazing and I of course forgot to take a picture. I also teased her that she's trying to fatten me up :) Cake does make good fuel for your first ever graduate school class, in case you were wondering.

Dinner eaten outside to thaw out in between classes. I had a peach plus a wrap: Food for Life tortilla, 1/4c mashed chickpeas, tomato paste, red pepper spread, spinach.

 I'm on my couch and doubt I'll stay awake for the Real Housewives of NJ reunion but I'm sure going to try. That mindless drama is exactly what my swimming, jello-y mind needs of after a super long day.

How was your Monday? If you're in school, does your brain swim at the end of the day? Oy...

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  1. I totally feel you on the mindless TV! Tues and THurs I have class from 8-5 and then I watch only reality TV haha