Sunday, January 17, 2010

Taste the Rainbow

Yesterday was a fun and special day. Why "special?" It was over 45 degrees outside yesterday!! After a couple of weeks of low temps, I almost felt ready to break out the running shorts :-)

I slept in which was fantastic and woke upwith a craving for french toast so I whipped up own little version for brunch.  I used 2 slices of my Ener-G high fiber loaf, which I was pleased to discover is "new and improved" with brown rice flour, a smaller ingredients list, and is lower in calories.  My egg mixture contained: 1.5 egg whites, cinnamon, and vanilla to taste. I then cooked the slices of bread in a frying pan on the stove and served alongside a sliced pear and berries.

This wasn't the best batch of french toast I've made, but the bread was fluffy and moist with that slight "egg crunch."

It was then off to DC's annual Health and Fitness Expo, sponsored by NBC. I met up with L (3 days in a row of fun) and her bf who's in town visiting from Boston for the weekend.  We walked from Dupont Circle (about 1.7 miles) and had some fun walking through the expo.

I decided to take advantage of the weather and take a walk outside for my workout. I ended up walking a grand total of 7 miles, with a stop at Whole Foods for a late lunch.  The cashier remarked that  I managed to fit all of the colors into my salad but all I was aiming for was a yummy mix of things to try.

In the mix: romaine hearts, purple cabbage, radish slices, carrots, edamame, broccoli, red and yellow bell peppers, peas, beets, roasted carrots and parsnips, sweet and spicy cabbage, and a piece of vegetarian stuffed cabbage (which I think was stuffed with couscous and not rice as the sign said, so I only ate the outside...)


By the time I got home, it was late and all I was up for was some long overdue R&R. I had a few movies to catch up on and sometimes there's nothing better than a quiet night at home.  Dinner was a turkey burger with roasted green beans and baked beans, and an apple with cinnamon for dessert.

All-in-all, it was a fabulous first day of a long weekend!!

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