Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Oh the dilemma...

What's the other perk of a long weekend? A short work week! I couldn't help but feel like today was Monday, being back at the office, but I'm excited for tomorrow to already be Wednesday.

My day started not-so-bright and early and for some reason I wasn't hungry when it was time for breakfast. I nibbled on my egg white as I got dressed and ended up packing my hot cereal to eat at the office.  It's much better fresh but I wanted to wait until my body told me it was really ready to eat.

I had a few meetings on campus which I didn't mind because the sun came out and it was in the 50s! Sooo nice, especially because another cold front is supposedly on the way  :(

After my morning meetings, I was more than ready for lunch before another afternoon meeting. I had a salad alongside the bowl of tofu fried rice that I prepared last night. It tasted just as great the second day - the flavors had a chance to settle in.

I ate my snack in waves because I just couldn't decide what I wanted: first I had this Trader Joe's Fiberful Bar

then an orange and an Apple Pie Larabar. Yum - the sweetness of the apples and cinnamon and the tartness of the bar made this taste just like apple pie filling, with a decent dose of fiber and protein.

My gym class was particularly tough tonight because I'm still sore from power yoga on Sunday. I pushed myself through though and am glad that I did. I'll enjoy my rest day tomorrow even more knowing that I didn't quit even when I felt tired. (I was channeling Jillian Michaels in my head and knew I'd enjoy tonight's episode of The Biggest Loser after kicking my own butt!)

My big dilemma of the day was dinner. For the second night in a row I wasn't hungry until after 8pm which is unusual for me - I like to eat all day long. On top of that, I wasn't in the mood to make the meal I thought I was looking forward to: my own version of Bar Louie's Burger in a Bowl. What prompted this change?  Well, after finishing Food Rules I decided to go back to reading The Omnivore's Dilemma which I started a while ago but have had a hard time getting through, until last night.

I read the section about raising America's beef supply, what they feed the cattle when they're born, when they go to the feedlots, etc. and what I learned raised some interesting questions for me about no-grass-fed beef. So, despite planning for my turkey burger patty, the idea of meat really didn't sound appealing to me.

Instead, I made a taco salad with black beans, corn, some rice (which I cooked on the stove top with some garlic powder, cayenne pepper, and salsa) and topped it with a bit of 2% Mexican cheese and a crumbled toasted corn tortilla.


I had seconds on the salad part as I watched The Biggest Loser. Then, dessert was another mini-dilemma - fruit? Chocolate? Cereal?  I decided to combine a few favorites in a bowl: a Comice pear, a drizzle of PB, a few raisins, and a couple of dark chocolate chips. Plus an Adora dark chocolate disk for calcium.


I'm trying out Adora to help with my calcium intake since I can't really tolerate yogurt anymore and don't drink milk.

It was a great day, even with a couple of mini-dilemmas and a bigger one for me to still ponder. Hopefully I'll sort some this out soon! G'night!

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