Saturday, January 9, 2010

Game Day!

In anticipation of the BCS Championship game with Texas vs. Alabama, I had planned some spirited eats throughout my day to stay excited for the big game. The last time Texas was in the National Championship game I had just had my tonsils out and wasn't really eating...

The day began with hot cereal mixed with 1 T of sweet potato, some raisins, cinnamon, a few drops of sugar-free syrup, and PB.

My snack around noon was a grapefruit before heading off to table at a student fair on campus. There weren't too many students (it was for new transfer students only) but I had a great time getting to know the other staff who were tabling in my area :-) I brought part of my lunch with me also (a salad) but was too busy talking to photograph the evidence.

Lunch #2 was a BBQ chicken "sammie" along with some carrots and celery. It tasted delish and held me over until my dinner around 8!

After work, 2 of my friends were fantastic enough to host a game watching party at their apartment. R cooked up some Austin style eats, including Trudy's fried avocados! I couldn't eat them because of a few ingredients and instead brought my own salad which I topped with some FF refried beans, sprinkle of cheese, and some tortilla chips.

Sadly, Texas was not victorious in the game. Colt McCoy was injured at the start of the game and wasn't able to play in his last college football game :( The freshman quarterback who stepped in for him did a decent job for a freshman and I'm already looking forward to next season. Hook 'Em!!

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