Thursday, January 28, 2010

100 and Going Strong!

Hi bloggies! I'm still here. Sorry for being MIA for most of the week. When I discovered that my next post would be my 100th, I wanted to make sure that the eats were truly noteworthy!

It's been a great food day, so let's begin.

I kicked off the day with some Vanilla Berry hot cereal. In the mix: BRM hot cereal, buckwheat groats, smashed sweet potato, 1/4c blueberries, a splash of vanilla extract, cinnamon, a few raisins, drop of sugar-free syrup, and 1/2 tbsp total of PB and AB. This was the best bowl of hot cereal that I've had in a while! The splash of vanilla really enhanced the flavor of the berries and grains, and surprisingly, of the sweet potato! My tummy was very happy.

Mid-day, I headed a few blocks away from campus to meet a friend at a vegetarian restaurant called Java Green. I've always heard great things about this place but had never been. Now that I really enjoy tofu and other vegetarian fare, I was excited to meet up with friend and food blogger Rella for lunch.

I arrived early, knowing that with a new menu full of gluten free things I was going to need lots of time to make my decision on what to order. The place was packed but I snagged a menu to peruse while I waited.

I ordered the gluten free Rice & More Bowl which included: jobchae noodles, organic black rice, spicy kimchi, steamed broccoli, kale, cabbage, spicy tofu, and an asparagus spear. YUM!

I loved this so much - fresh, light, and filling all at the same time. I was happily full from this meal and ended up taking home half of my tofu, rice, and noodles. I had fun with Rella and am looking forward to our next lunch date (at another new restaurant)!

The afternoon flew by at work because of the couple of projects I'm working on (and I think the fantastic lunch helped too) and then made a special pit stop on my way to the gym (see below). I wasn't really feeling it tonight at the gym so I just did 35 minutes on the elliptical and some stretches.

Dinner after the gym was light and savory. I had a roasting bonanza - kale, beets, and brussel sprouts, mmmm. I had half a serving of Amy's baked beans as well and it was exactly what I needed. I wasn't too hungry after my big lunch today.

Now, it's time to relax with The Notebook and enjoy a pear and a small piece of this special delight: my favorite gluten free cupcake, vanilla with strawberry frosting, from Hello Cupcake. They are the only bakery in DC that consistently carries a gluten free option and varies their flavors throughout the week.  The cake is moist and fluffy and the icing is creamy and out of this world!

Happy 100th to Gluten-free Grazer and thank you to my loyal readers. Feel free to keep sharing your feedback, whether you comment on the blog, find me on Twitter (@glutnfreegrazer), or via email (

And many more...


  1. WOW - it really took me 100 posts to find post a comment. I am convinced it was not an option till today EITHER WAY MAZEL TOV on 100 posts. I read them ever day and it is truly fabulous what you have done for people with gluten allergies to people who just want to learn and get new recipes. VERY PROUD SARAH!!!


  2. Sarah--these are great! Congratulations on the 100th blog. I really enjoy reading them. The food always looks and sounds delicious. Keep it going -- I think you should have some sponsorships, or promos from some of the places you highlight. I tell others about your blog...especially if they are GF --you've been doing it for almost 20 years now! Imagine!