Monday, January 25, 2010

Marvelous Monday

All things considered, it was a pretty good Monday. The sun was shining and it reached 65 degrees!! In January!! Today was such a welcome surprise and it definitely lifted my spirits.

I went to yoga tonight as usual to discover that our room was being used for meetings. So the class relocated to the racquetball courts. This might not seem like a big deal but for this one, who can't even sit still in her sleep, I was really nervous about getting distracted by other people playing racquetball next door and listening to the spinning class upstairs. Instead, I was able to really focus on the stretches and found the music to be a welcome addition in helping me tune out everything else going on around me. I was proud  that I focused!

I was starving when I came home so I whipped up a quick-and-easy chicken pack. I've been craving some serious protein the last couple of days and decided that, even though I'm not thrilled with commercially produced meat production, if it was local, organic, and fed a natural diet without all the drugs, I definitely would eat it!

I used this recipe to make my pack and followed it to a T (except for subbing in adzuki beans for the black beans). I did have to bake it about 10 minutes longer though, which enabled me to eat part 2 of dinner - roasted potatoes and squash!


Earlier in the day I had a roasted beet salad with some parsnips and crumbled feta. Mmmm. Plus some more acorn squash and some leftover Puerto Rican beans.



I also had some more salad that was left over from a meeting in the afternoon, a grapefruit, and a bag of Glenny's soy crisps, which I enjoyed on my lunch-break walk. They tasted better while walking and eating!

I jump-started the day with an egg white and BRM hot cereal with buckwheat, 1/4c blueberries, 1/4c smashed sweet potato, cinnamon, and PB and AB (I was craving protein!).


Now, I'm snuggled up on the coach with a pear and am ready to watch one of my favorite guilty pleasures - GREEK!!


What's your favorite guilty pleasure TV show?

When you crave a food to you try to find a "sub" or just have it?

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