Friday, January 15, 2010

Repeats and a new discovery

This week has continued rather uneventfully - making progress on some things at the office and finally making my way into the gym. It always baffles me at how "off" my week feels when my routine gets mixed up. Nevertheless, I have still found ways to incorporate the same amounts / types of exercise into the mix, just at different times. I guess I really like the comfort of routines!

I also made an interesting discovery. One of my goals for 2010 is to focus on nutritionally sound, clean foods as much as possible. For the the french fry and potato chip lover in me, I thought that this would be pretty challenging. However, yesterday when I attempted to snack on a mini-bag of kettle cooked chips, I realized that they didn't taste good to me at all! Definitely not a normal reaction to one of my favorite salty snacks but a step in the right direction towards my goal.

In the spirit of routines, Thursday's day-time eats were repeats.  Breakfast was the BRM hot cereal and buckwheat combo, with berries mixed in and topped with 1/2 T PB. I'm missing the addition of sweet potato for added flavor, fluff, and texture but haven't had time to bake another one. *mental note to take care of that this weekend*

Lunch was left over souped-up black bean mix with a corn tortilla and a large salad.

We had a meeting at work yesterday and I snacked on this plate of fruit x2 along with some Tazo Passion tea... AND got to take home some of the extra pineapple and strawberries. I'm excited to spruce up my fruit routine I seem to have fallen into!!

After work I spent a few minutes cleaning up my apartment and putting things back in their place before meeting my friend L for dinner. Originally we were going to attend a cooking class on root veggies but realized we wouldn't make it on time.  We ventured to Whole Foods for some healthy eats. I decided on a salad with veggies, topped with some more black beans and ~1/4c corn salad along with carrot and avocado veggie sushi. I ate 4 pieces and then the seaweed and veggies from the other 4.

Whole Foods is one of the only places that I can eat sushi because they prepare their veggie sushi on separate surfaces from their fish sushi, which makes it a safe option for this fish-allergic girl!

Grey's Anatomy was new so I curled up to watch the 1st hour of the 2hr cross-over show. Not feeling Private Practice, I headed to bed for an extra hour of sleep.

This morning was the usual breakfast along with an egg white and 1/2 pear. Just one work day between me and a long weekend!

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