Tuesday, January 12, 2010

I <3 Twitter?!

I'm not sure what disturbs me more - the fact that I just used a heart emoticon or that I've declared my intense liking for Twitter.

But, it has to be said. While I was extremely reluctant to the idea behind the social media website in May, I now can't live without it. I get some of my news from trusted sources, keep up with friends, learn about other interesting things going on in the world, and much more. Another perk I discovered a while back is that other people with food allergies are all over Twitter, including some major gluten-free product companies and special-diet food bloggers. What a great way to learn tips, share recipes, and built an online community!

There's a reason for me sharing my feelings about Twitter - last night I discovered 2 amazing websites for those of you reading who are gluten free or who have other food allergies. The first is called Be For Me and in addition to being a great resource, they offer samples and coupons for gluten free products!! How exciting, especially for those of you who have spent hours in the grocery store, debating if a product is worth the high dollar amount, if it'll make you sick, and most importantly - if it will taste any good.

The second site is called Gluten Free Faces and is another social networking site most similar to the one we all know and love...

I plan to spend more time in the coming days getting to know these sites better. They both seem like great resources for those of us who are lucky enough to proudly proclaim that we are gluten free.

Do you have any other allergy or food community sites that you enjoy? Feel free to comment with a link to the site for others!

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