Wednesday, September 15, 2010

This and That

It's been a while since I've felt motivated to blog and I wanted to pop in to say hello and catch you guys up on the past few days. It's been quite hectic with no signs of slowing down. So much so that it's only 9:45pm as I write this and I feel like I'm an hour past my bedtime! So, without further ado...

Things I'm loving right now:
  • Sunshine and temps in the 80s making it absolutely beautiful outside 
  • This picture of my dog, Cody. It's sadly one of the few pictures I took while I was at home

  • Butternut squash and brussel sprouts (roasting these up has saved me a ton of time in prepping meals this week!)

  • Getting good grades on the 2 quizzes of grad school I've had so far
  • A journaling workshop I went to last night with a couple of friends. It focused on the purpose of a journal in the context of reflection before Yom Kippur and also made me realize that my blog is a form of a journal to me
  • the Envitote that I won on Marci's blog. It conveniently folds up and has a sturdy bottom that survived a walk home from the grocery store! The strap adjusts as well so someone short like me can still wear it comfortably

  • Salads and the vegan black bean soup I picked up at Trader Joe's

  • A lovely dinner at Commissary and spa night (with a free 15min massage = perfection) with Fred

Things I'm Thinking About:
  • "I was, I am, I will be" which was the prompt of our journaling exercise last night
  • I really need to readjust myself to my former time management habits. I'm struggling with my to-do list at the moment
  • My relationship with social media - it's a bit more overwhelming on top of required homework that it used to.
  • Wanting time to clean up my apartment (10 minute speed cleans are saving my life at the moment)
  • BED TIME!!
What are you loving right now? What's on your mind?


  1. I am loving this fall weather :) Perfect apple picking weather :)!

  2. Glad the bag made it and you like it! I think a lot of bloggers say to post something so your readers aren't wondering where you are, but I think that we know we have lives and you'll write when you can!

  3. Social media being a bit overwhelming...Yes indeed!

    I am looking forward to this weekend, because my best friend is coming, that is what I am loving right now!!