Monday, September 13, 2010

Starting September off on the Right Foot

I'm sort late in posting this but with the start of the Jewish New Year comes the opportunity to reflect on the past year, my goals since January, the new year, and finishing 2010 strong :)

In August I had aimed to:

  • Redesign my workout schedule for where I'm at in my injury recovery. Commit to strength training 2x a week, pilates, and start adding back in biking, walking, and ellipticalling which I was able to do in June pain-free. I know I can do it and feel better. I just need to remind myself I love making this a top priority in my life.
  • Identify what's behind my night time snacking.
  • Put the finishing touches on decorating my apartment in preparation for my return to school. I will need a set-up that allows me to do work with comfort and ease in my apartment. Writing papers on an uncomfortable couch or sans a tabletop just won't cut it.
  • Savor the final real month of Summer. It's no secret this is my favorite season and I intend to squeeze every warm, wonderful moment I can out of this month B-)
I feel like overall I made good progress, especially in the preparing for grad school, redecorating my apartment (pictures will come soon, I promise!), enjoying summer, and figuring out the night time snacking thing.

For September I have been focusing on:
  • Getting back on the exercise bandwagon with regularity.Exercising in August was consistent at the beginning of the month and on vacation, and then was sporadic for the rest.I really crave routine and used to love my old exercise schedule. While I don't want to force myself into something, I want to find some exercise I can do with my recovering foot on a regular basis. Plain ole lifting at the gym has gotten kind of boring and I'm focusing on easing my way back into running!!
  • Stay on top of my grad school work without stressing myself out too much. 
  • Do 3 things that I've never done before. It can be in DC, Dallas, or wherever but before I hibernate like a bear for winter I want to savor amazing weather, friends, and the city in which I live.
  • Complete the apartment decorating project. I just have 3 things left to do so it's time to get it done. 
I hope you can stand my being slightly MIA as of late. I had a great trip home and wanted to be fully present for it and with the holidays there wasn't much time for blogging. Now, I'm trying to get back on track and create a normal schedule for my life!

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    1. Best of luck to you. I am trying to get a better schedule in line too.