Saturday, September 4, 2010

2 Part Weekend

Hi guys! Are you enjoying the long weekend? I know I am, even if some grad school stress is getting to me. I definitely don't like the feeling of knowing there's always something I should be doing for class. Ick.

I pushed those feelings aside though and have enjoyed my day so far.  I was up earlier than I had hoped for but in the end was glad to get some extra productivity time.  When I was finally hungry I grabbed my bowl of overnight hot cereal with some raspberries mixed in and topped with 1/2T peanut butter and had it alongside an egg white.

The rest of the morning was spent cleaning, organizing, and starting to pack for my trip tomorrow. I'm sooo excited to be heading to Dallas. I haven't been home since April. It's also nice because tomorrow marks the start of a second (and slightly longer!) weekend.

I finally got myself out the door for another walk / run. I gave myself 2 days in between running attempts as to not put too much stress on my foot. Because of Hurricane Earl, we have beautiful weather in DC - it was only 79 degrees when I headed out around 1pm. 93 minutes and 6.25 miles later, I was feeling much less stressed!

Lunch was quickly thrown together and made use of the last few fresh vegetables in my fridge. I had leftover Greek salad, extra romaine, leftover white beans (~1/3c), a dolma, and a grilled cheese on a piece of Udi's with red pepper spread and spicy feta (also leftover).

It's now time for Texas football - HOOK 'EM HORNS!!

I gotta rest up for a birthday party tonight!

What college team do you root for??

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