Saturday, September 11, 2010

I'm Not Lost

Hi everyone! Sorry for being M.I.A this week. I took a little hiatus for Rosh haShana and am off enjoying my last day in Dallas.

I'll be back tonight or tomorrow with a recap of my time at home.

In the meantime, enjoy your weekend. Also, let's pause for a quick moment to remember 9 / 11 and those who lost their lives on that day as well as those who fight for our country's freedom!

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  1. Hi! My name is Lauren from I found you through Healthy Living Blogs. I'm trying to put together a group of DCers to meet-up for a happy hour meet and greet. Are you on twitter? You can follow me at LaurBiochemista and search #dchealthblogger for updates. I'll also be posting on my blog about events. Hope to meet you!