Monday, September 27, 2010

Nerdy Little Book Worm

Once my crockpot was set I hunkered down and cranked out 3 hours of school work. Fun, right? I managed to soak up all of the information in one of my classes while successfully procrastinating accounting. It's becoming my mantra for the fall!

Lunch was a serving of baked beans with an English muffin - half topped with Earth Balance and half topped with tomato paste and red pepper spread.

I took a break when the timer rang to finish my soup in the blender. What did I make, you ask? Split pea soup! Since I have a baby crock pot (1.5 quarts - I got it at Target for $7!!) I halved the recipe and omitted the meat. To make up for the smokey flavor I added in paprika but otherwise I followed the recipe to a T.

I know I did other stuff somewhere in the afternoon but I guess we'll just call it schoolwork since I seem to have entered a memory lapsing vortex.

Somewhere around 5 I had a snack of a pear with a drizzle of nut butter and cinnamon.

And then dinner was a salad with the last drop of black beans and Food Should Taste Goods plus a serving of soup.

I finally tackled accounting and felt quite proud and accomplished when I finished. I snacked on a toaster waffle, unwound, and finally went to bed. I didn't realize until about 10pm that I had hunkered down and got to business and forgot to leave my apartment to run other errands. Whoops!

This morning I woke up to more clouds, rain, and cooler temps. Enter - PB&J hot cereal that I packed to take into work.

And with that I'm off. Monday's my long day so I'll see you all tomorrow unless the blogging bug bites :)

Do you ever get to wrapped up in what you're doing you forget about other "to-dos"? What's your favorite slow cooker recipe? Let's get a nice, gluten free collection of recipes started!

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  1. I should really invest in one of the personal crockpots. I looove split pea soup and bean soup. I have a great bag from Bob's Red Mill buy cant bring myself to cook it on the stove all day.