Monday, September 20, 2010

The Girl Who Ate A Lot

There once was a girl named Sarah who was often called the Bottomless Pit.

Growing up she would eat just about anything she was able to; some foods gave her a fit.

Now a days this girl likes to eat quite often. Especially in the morning, such as this bowl of hot cereal with berries that pretty much rules.

Through an intense morning of work and meetings would it be fuel.

A special surprise surfaced around lunchtime. The office was ordering in - imagine her surprise!

Sarah chose something sure to not make her ill: steamed asparagus and mixed veg plus a side of brown rice

(1.5 plates like this)

Then the afternoon sped up rather quickly. She packed her bags and made her way to class.

Because of her later-than-usual lunch hunger didn't hit until later. The tummy rumbling was rather crass.

She busted out a pear and a 1/3c of cereal. Thus enter episode #1 of her food loving debut.

Not to be outdone by display #2.

Accounting was made better by a huge jass kitchen sink salad with roasted veg. Not to forget the hummus and a few chips on the side.

Her new friend displayed her surprise and how large the salad really was with eyes open wide!

Sadly there are no pictures of these displays of feasting. You'll just have to imagine!

The Girl Who Ate A Lot needed a snack when she got home. A Van's GF flax waffle made the perfect treat to end Monday on a sweet note.

Now the Girl is headed for bed, where she'll giggle about being the girl who ate through both classes as the pillow meets her head.

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  1. Amazing.

    I'm blaming the cycle of the moon or the change of the season -- anything to explain why over the past week, I've been grazing like a cow in pasture. Except instead of munching on grass, I'm reaching for the baked goods hidden in my freezer.