Sunday, October 3, 2010

Weekend Recap Thus Far

Hi friends! How has your weekend been? Mine has been going swimmingly for the most part and I'm just now getting a chance to check in.

Friday night I hosted 8 friends for a little dinner party to celebrate the fall. T'was lovely and more to come on that this week including recipes for everything that was served!

Yesterday morning I woke up feeling not quite on my A-game after a few glasses on wine the night before. There was no time to wallow though because I had things to do and people to see.

I had a lighter breakfast of half a large pear chopped up and topped with a bit of almond butter and a little egg sandwich on Udi's whole grain bread with a light schmear of Trader Joe's roasted red pepper spread.

I then made my way to Sweet Green for a blogger meet up. Emily just moved into the area and organized this gathering of 20+ bloggers and readers in the area. I enjoyed chatting with people and making new friends! I'm always amazed by the community that is built around blogging - what an unexpected yet amazing bonus!

I was all decked out in my Texas gear in honor of our biggest rivalry game of the year. Texas was playing the University of Oklahoma and I was hoping for a beat-down...

before that though I had a bit of shopping on the agenda. In need of some fall items I found great success at the Gap.

Then, it was game time. I met up with Lauren (Fred) for our traditional lunch and game watching at Champps. I got the BBQ Chicken salad with about 100 modifications to make it gluten free and made it through half before calling it quits. I also feasted on this plate of waffle fries (x5) - I finished breakfast around 11:30 and it was 4 - 4:30 by the time I ate this. I was hangry!

Sadly Texas did not play its best and we were not victorious. There's always next year once the freshmen get their acts together... I hope...

By the time I got home I was bummed about the game and tired so I called it a night. I never really got hungry for dinner but I did snack on some leftover roasted veggies and rice.

This morning I headed out to to the farmers market first thing for a couple of things. I was out of fruit so I restocked on apples and pears. Yes, I love my Envitote and no, I don't have any regrets about looking like a hot mess on my way to the market. It's Sunday morning people!

I had a simple bowl of hot cereal with blueberries and chia seeds mixed in, topped with 1/2T peanut butter, cinnamon, and crushed almond slices. My body wanted nothing fancy this morning.

Now I'm working on blog stuff, procrastin getting ready to tackle some homework, and dragging my butt to the gym if it kills me. I am craving activity and am fed up with exercise falling by the wayside!

Do you go through exercise slumps? How do you pull yourself out? What's your favorite sports rivalry?


  1. so glad you like the bag! i knew you'd get great use in a walking city!

  2. I had a similar post wine morning today. BTW I love that you thought you looked like a hot mess you didnt...thats how I look all weekend haha!