Monday, October 18, 2010

I - I will Survive

As evident by my channeling Gloria Gaynor, I've gone a little crazy over the past few days. I blame it on staring at this for the better part of my weekend:

Between accounting studying and a huge group project that was completed over the weekend, I'm beyond happy for this quarter of school to be wrapping up. I've learned a lot about myself over the past 2 months and am eager to make a few changes moving forward!

Friday I had a relapse in sickness which led to my continued feelings of misery and therefore lack of blog posting. Saturday was group project day followed by a delightful dinner with friends that ended with gelato. Ice cream solves problems and cures illness, didn't you know? Dinner was actually the turning point with this cold I've been battling and I've been feeling better and better since!

Yesterday morning I was up earlier than I would have preferred which at least allowed me to tackle a long to-do list, I was still feeling better, and spend a few hours preparing for my impending accounting final!

There was the standard trip to the farmers market. Has anyone seen black radishes before? These were a new-to-me sighting!

Also, check out the size of this beautiful comice pear. It was at least the size of my face! I love Toigo Orchards - they have the best pears and the nicest staff by far!

Of course I got to enjoy a special breakfast over the weekend - "oats" in a jar! My standard mix with blueberries, cinnamon, maple, and crushed pecans in an almond butter jar.

Last night I had the last of my chicken chili along with half of an acorn squash, which I ate skin and all.

Now, I'm just plugging away through the day and trying to keep prepping for this acocunting final at 7pm. I'll be more than ecstatic when it's over!!

How was your weekend?

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