Thursday, October 21, 2010

The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly

There were a few other titles I had in mind for tonight's post:
  •  A first time for everything
  • Grateful for Exercise
  • Say whaaaa?
But I picked the broadest title so I could fit it all in ;)

The past couple of days have been interesting, but I would say the last 20 minutes of tonight have been most enlightening. More on that in a sec...

The Good:
  • My new gym. Today as I was cooling down and stretching the Fitness Manager came over to check in and see how I'm liking it so far. He also followed up on a couple of things and remembered small details from our conversation on Tuesday. #win
  • I CAN RUN! This has been no secret but I've committed myself to getting back into running shape. Today I did my second running workout plus 2 miles on the elliptical. I'll slowly rediscover my love for endorphins. I know it!
  • Having positive motivation. When I was tired or wanted to cut my workout short, I reminded myself how much being on bed rest and in a boot sucked and wasn't I lucky to be able to be exercising at that moment. 
  • Lots of good eats.
  • Finally meeting Alex who started her grad school program this fall. We had a great coffee date and I am so thankful she was willing to give me some tips on Philly for the weekened.
  • I'm heading to Philly over the weekend to help lead a sorority training. Bonus #1 - we are doing it with a partner fraternity. Bonus #2 - It's my dad's fraternity and he and I get to have some time to see the sights in Philly!!
  • I won't be taking accounting for the second module of the semester...
  • And, I've eaten a large bunch of kale in 3 days. Mmmmm :)
The Bad:
  • I got my Accounting final test and final course grade, hehe
  • I feel like I wasted my money on that class since I'll have to retake it once I'm admitted in the MBA program
  • The thought of that makes me nauseous
  • Getting that grade is laughable and liberating... but I don't think it's for a good reason... does that make sense?
The Ugly:
  • "Tomatoes with issues." I guess it could be worse!  Or snowing...
  • Type-A Sarah kind of feels like a failure for not acing accounting, even though the class is a butt-kicking for 80% of the people who take it... Bye bye endorphins for the night.
I hope it doesn't seem like I'm having a huge pity party over here. I'm well aware that this stress and whatnot is optional and really a privilege in a weird way. I have a roof over my head, food in my pantry, and my health. I know many people do not even have the gift of an undergraduate college education or even of finishing high school. Yet after devoting a lot of time and energy into something to fall short feels kinda sucky. On the flip side, classes thus far have been really enlightening on a multitude of levels and I feel like I know more of what I like, what I don't, and what my real passions are.

Enough serious stuff for now, onto the food!

Breakfasts the past 2 days have been lovely bowls of hot cereal. Since I have leftover unsweetened applesauce I've been adding a small spoonful to my bowl in the morning. Yesterday's bowl had blueberries and today's had blueberries plus some diced pear. All topped with nut butter!

Lunch yesterday was one of my favorite sandwiches - a grilled "cheese" sandwich: 2 slices of Udi's whole grain bread, red pepper hummus, red pepper spread, and spinach. This combo never disappoints! I had half a serving of tomato soup plus a little salad on the side.

Today's lunch was a result of the intense meat cravings I've been having since yesterday afternoon. I had a drop of chili, beef stew, a side salad, and kale chips. An odd combo but it was filling and delicious.

Snacks have been apples with some peanut butter spread on.

Last night I had a really intense craving for meat which led me to explore my freezer in hopes of finding something buried under all my frozen veggies :) I found this little bit of leftover spaghetti and meat sauce from Maggiano's from March (because I'm Type-A and labeled it with the date) and a big salad with beets, carrots, romaine, and spinach and kale.

Tonight I had a detour to make after the gym to pick up a few things at the White House farmers market and couldn't decide what I wanted to eat. I finally got inspired: roasted veggie salad and Alexia oven fries. On a bed of spinach and romaine I had a mix of roasted veggies: 2 carrots, half an onion, some broccoli, and okra. Topped with some cheese and Amy's Italian dressing.

Last night's snack was half a pear and a toaster waffle and tonight's will be the other half a pear and maybe some toast. We'll see :)

I'm off to pack, maybe write my last paper for my leadership class, and watch Grey's.

 How do you motivate yourself when exercising? Have you ever disappointed your own expectations? Do you have any tips for getting over the "not the grade I was hoping for" blues?


  1. Have a fabulous time in Philly! And if you happen to have some spare room to bring me a cupcake from Sweet Freedom I'd be forever grateful! :)

  2. To motivate myself while exercising I remind myself of my lack of free time and how lucky I am to afford to go to a gym and have all this awesome equipment and classes to do. I do get disappointed in myself because I set super high expectations. I am type A like you and sometimes we Type A people tend to give ourselves unrealistic goals. Sometimes its good to reassess and make sure that you are giving yourself the time to reach said goals. Yes I got a bad grade on a midterm a few weeks ago and went to Austin later that day but I was still bummed when I got back so I reminded myself that its just school. Its not the end of the world, and its not life and death. :) Have a great weekend girlie!

  3. What are tomatoes with issues?! Races, even short ones or minor ones, help a lot with exercise motivation, but I can get caught up in timelines and training and it becomes stressful! Also group classes help motivate, especially when it's the same people and you get to know each other. My least motivated sessions are ones when I don't have a goal to work toward or if it's just me not pushing too hard.
    School bad grades are a bummer, but keep looking at the big picture and remind yourself that it will work out, and it's good to know what you aren't good at just as much to know what you are good at!

  4. are those tomatoes from a farmers market? I would only assume you were writing your paper last night instead of going to a farmers market LOL :)

  5. Sorry about the grade. All I can say, is let it go, and move on because what you learn in school does not always relate in real life, in real jobs. you will learn more when you are out and working ; )