Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Restless Legs

Thanks to the Cowboys, I was up way too late on Monday night :-/ I have kind of been struggling to have a normal sleep schedule over the past few weeks but hopefully with a more regular schedule now I can get back on track.

Yesterday I brought breakfast with me to the office this morning - hot cereal with blueberries, cinnamon, and peanut butter. No matter what alternative I find for breakfast while traveling, I always look forward to a bowl of hot cereal when I get back. Mmmm.

I had a training appointment scheduled for my lunch hour so I had a snack of an egg white on a slice of Udi's bread for a snack. Carbs and protein in my favorite form :)

When I showed up for my appointment, I discovered that my trainer (who is also a physical therapist) had been double booked. Another trainer was nice enough to meet with me still but we didn't work out as I asked for the appointment to be rescheduled at this point. I made good use of my gym time though and tackled my running workout for the day. I picked the Women's Health running plan since it builds up to running for 30 minutes straight utilizing the walk / run method. I've committed to the plan and getting back my cardio fitness which I hope to put to the test at this year's Thanksgiving Turkey Trot 5K!

I grabbed a salad with grilled chicken breast for lunch for protein. This salad had: romaine, spinach, spring mix, carrots, baby corn, black bean mix, roasted broccoli (from home), olives, and cucumber with a small piece of chicken on top plus 1 piece of veggie sushi.

The afternoon flew by but boy was it hard. My legs were restless after a mid-day workout and my butt did not want me sitting! I took a short stroll to enjoy the quiet skies and beautiful foliage. I'll be sharing more of my walk later this week but here's a sneak peek:

I took care of a few errands after work including canceling my old gym membership and another trip to Whole Foods. I forgot a few things on Monday and just had to go back :)

For dinner I tried out a new soup recipe from one of my favorite magazines, Vegetarian Times. This soup featured some of my favorite veggies plus buckwheat! Since I copied the recipe exactly I can't type it up but it included onion, grated carrot, corn, black beans, bell pepper, vegetable broth, bay leaf, and buckwheat.

I served up a bowl with some blue corn Food Should Taste Goods, a bit of cheese, and hot sauce. Delish.

It was a typical Tuesday night of Biggest Loser as I developed a headache while cooking. Otherwise I would have been at the High Heeled Drag Race :) My snack was a pear with cinnamon and some almond butter.

I got a good night's sleep and woke up this morning feeling refreshed. I mixed up my standard bowl of hot cereal by topping this one with some heated fig jam and maple syrup, pecans, and almond butter. My taste buds appreciated the change of pace!

The morning flew by and I enjoyed another bowl of soup with chips and a simple greens salad for lunch.

I was hungrier than usual for my afternoon snack so I had some baked beans, the rest of my salad greens, and a cheese stick.

With all the antsy feelings I had yesterday, you'd think today I'd feel the same. However, this was not the case. My legs were tired, heavy, and slow to move. I guess that's the beauty of a rest day, right?

Not sure what's on tap yet for tonight but I'm guess it will include some Rangers baseball, a new recipe, and Modern Family :)

Do you workout on a whim or do you put together a training plan? How do you deal with antsy feelings during the work day?


  1. Those fall pictures are amazing! Im doing the Turkey Trot too!

  2. haha forgot things, huh, I do the same thing...just love wholefoods

    I try to have a regular workout schedule, but does not always happen.

  3. I love your fall DC pics. I just think DC is so gorgeous this time of year. About the workout. The one time in my life when I worked out the most and saw the best results, I was training for a marathon. Have the structure of a training schedule really helped. Running became a part of my todo list and I felt incomplete without it. But now... I just workout whenever I can find the time and let me just say, it makes the task of working out something I maybe sort of try to fit in but it is not such a priority. My suggestion: if you want to reach fitness goals, make yourself a plan. It is way easier to get motivated.