Thursday, October 14, 2010

Marking Time

I never really made an official announcement on my blog last year when I began working again. I decided that work would be something I referenced but didn't discuss in depth. After all, this is a gluten free healthy living blog - I want to focus on those aspects of my life with you all. Yet today I do want to share that it's officially been a year that I've been at my job, even if I was just part-time this past fall. It's definitely been quite the year though and something I wanted to note!

On a different note, my cold is still lingering. This is pretty standard for me but I'm ready to feel 100% again. I'm all sniffles and sneezes despite the rest of me feeling better. Thanks to those of you who have sent your well wishes. I cannot report a full recovery yet but I'm hoping to soon.

To promote my recovery, I've been enjoying some good food along the way. This morning: hot cereal in a jar! I whipped up a batch of hot cereal last night so that all I had to do this morning was heat it and add it to the jar. This mix had a spoonful of mashed sweet potato, blueberries, cinnamon, and maple syrup plus about 1/2T of peanut butter left. Plus an egg white. Yum!

Because of meetings and my weird stomach I wasn't hungry for lunch until 1:45 today. First up, a little salad with spinach, romaine, and leftover roasted squash.

Next was the last of my broccoli soup. I went through the batch in 3 days flat! Must. make. more.

A couple of hours later I was feeling hungry and not in the mood for my apple so I picked up some roasted veggies, black beans, and rice...and a little dip of my spoon in my work PB jar O:-)

After work I had an exciting little field trip planned. To take advantage of DC Spa Week,  I had scheduled a 1-hour massage for myself! I went to the Health Club at the Fairmont Hotel and had a fantastic experience. When I arrived I was greeted with a key to a locker that was equipped with slippers and a robe to change into. I was excited for this pampering reward!

The hour passed quickly and I felt amazing and more relaxed. My muscles appreciated the rubbing!

I wasn't in the mood for anything too exciting for dinner, I really could only look forward to a nice hot shower, my couch, an sweats. I whipped up a simple meal of a scrambled egg white, roasted green beans, toast, and baked beans.

I just sat down with more toast and a pear to watch Grey's Anatomy and then I'm calling it a night.

The masseusse warned me that I would experience an increase in my cold symptoms from having my feet and back / respiratory symptom worked on and she wasn't kidding! I've gone through 2+ liters of fluids today and have made a pretty sizable dent on a box of tissues!


How long have you been at your current job? Have you ever had a massage? Love 'em or hate 'em?


  1. I've always thought a massage would be awesome while sick but not if it made the symptoms worse! Take it easy -- can you work from home tomorrow just to relax?

  2. Glad you treated yourself to some pampering. Hope you start to feel better!

  3. I love massages but haven't had one in way too long!