Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Trying to stay "good"

Things are good and well on Day 3 of vacation. I will devote some time later to a more complete update but here's a few highlights from yesterday:
  • shopping at the University Coop. I purchased some great UT spirit wear, including this, this, this, and these!! I got a bit carried away but I guess I'm entitled since my alma mater is going to the National Championship this year :-)
  • a Central Market salad
  • seeing 2 great friends from college for a night of fun, food, and a bit of shopping!! Love you guys!
In other news, my motivation to workout has completely gone down the drain since Monday night. I'm trying to make smart food choices and avoid the traps all over my house (aka lots of chocolate, snacks, and the Chex mix from Thanksgiving - another batch, not the leftovers) but I can't help but have a few nibbles. BUT, the sun is coming out and I'm about to head to the gym and lunch with my dad, so hopefully that will remind me that I like being active. I definitely want to keep on the bandwagon despite being on vacation!

What's your best motivation to go be active? Favorite food to have when you visit home?

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