Thursday, December 10, 2009

Is it Friday yet?

Whew, the past 2 days have been a whirlwind. A 12hr workday and a crazy sleep schedule will do that though. I'm hoping to get to bed soon and try to get back on a somewhat normal schedule so here's a brief recap with eats throughout.

Yesterday morning began around 10am with an egg white and BRM hot cereal with raisins, 1/4c frozen blueberries, and 1/2tbsp PB. I used the rest of my morning to take care of errands and chores before heading in to work in the afternoon.

I spent the first part of my time at work preparing for that night's program I was a part of. Work hosts an annual student event where staff and faculty feed students a late-night breakfast and there are a host of activities happening as well. This year's theme was "back to elementary school" and there was finger painting, games, Rock Band, and my event - Are you Smarter than a Professor, amongst other activities. For lunch I had a Greek yogurt with a chopped Gala apple and a few almonds mixed in. This meal, while light, kept me surprisingly full through the afternoon.

Before heading out to run another errand, I had a clementine quickly. I don't normally buy these, but always enjoy this yummy little treat. I convinced myself that a box of these "darling clementines" will last a while and are worth the investment. It's also nice to have some variety in the fruits I'm eating.

I had dinner while I was out running errands - another meal at Noodles! This time I had a small bangkok curry, heavy on the veggies, light on the noodles, with a chicken breast. I only managed to eat half so I brought the rest with me to fuel me through a late night of work.

I was preparing for, facilitating, and cleaning up for this event from 7pm until 1:30am when I got home. I was proud I didn't snack on much besides the 2nd half of my dinner and an 1/8c of raisins! By the time I got home, I had a bit of cereal, showered and crashed, it was close to 2:30am! oy...

I woke up around noon today and wasn't hungry at all. Wishing I could go back to sleep, I instead dragged myself to work. I had a pear while getting ready to help me wake up a bit. My appetite returned mid-afternoon and I had 1/4c lentils, 1/4c brown rice with a cup of my roasted veggies, topped w/ some parm and hot sauce. Yum!

I had another clementine before meeting up with a new friend from my old job for tea. From there, I met up with Dallas friends for dinner at an Asian restaurant called Cafe Asia. I was starving when we sat down and was excited about my Gway Tio with vegetables. No picture, sorry - I was too hungry. Much like my dinner last night, I ate all my veggies and skipped most of the noodles.

Tonight I relaxed, watched last night's episode of Glee, and finished up the rest of this Greek yogurt (about 2 tbsp) with a chopped apple, a light drizzle of AB, and some cereal.

Off to bed for this one. I'm exhausted. I think that the ridiculously cold weather that descended upon DC this afternoon may have something to do with my desire to crawl into bed! I'm excited to get back into the gym after a 2-day hiatus and finally take care of some life tasks after a week full of work!

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