Friday, December 18, 2009

Almost at the finish line!

I'm a bit behind in my blogging so will do my best to recap. There's been a lot of excitement over the past few days, some healthy eats, and some special treats for the holiday season. I have been trying out my newly learned tips for healthy eats and have sometimes been successful and at other times, I've enjoyed whatever I've had!

Wednesday's festivities began nice and light with a pear, PB toast, and an egg white. I headed into work and was productive up until a holiday potluck. I actually ate lunch before hand because I didn't think that there would be much for me to eat at the party and it ended up being a good decision! I had a stir fry which consisted of tofu, corn, asparagus, edamame, and bell peppers. It was yummy and a bit spicy! At the part I had one of my peanut butter cookies with the frosting from a cupcake and the toppings of a slice of Mediterranean pizza.

I worked right up until the end of the day and then headed to dinner at a new restaurant. My friend S and I tried BGR which just opened in our neighborhood. I had a burger (no bun) and actually used lettuce as my bun instead which worked quite well. We tried their Yukon fries (yum) and grilled asparagus (double yum) which were great compliments to our burgers. We then headed to a Chanukah party for more festivities!

I came home to the tail-end of my building's party and brought up a little treat to enjoy for my evening snack.

Thursday started bright and early with 1/4c yogurt with a bit of Gorilla Munch and AB before a morning Cardio Sculpt class. I was still sore from class on Tuesday but wanted to make sure to get a workout in after some of the junk foods I ate the day before. I definitely wasn't feeling as pumped up throughout it, but I felt really good after the workout.

I came home and had another breakfast of sweet potato hot cereal (see Monday's post), then headed off to work a bit later. I had a lunch date which was great (repeat of lunch Tuesday except with a plain garden salad) and then had another late evening of work.

I came home and snacked on an apple with AB, contemplated doing workout #2 and instead decided to catch up on sleep, life, and have a quiet night in. Dinner was baked beans, acorn squash, 3oz red potatoes and some salad. It was the perfect night for how I was feeling and I finally got some good sleep!

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