Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Sun and Fun

After a snow-filled weekend, I was absolutely delighted to be able to leave my house without a coat yesterday! I spent a majority of the day with my grandparents which was quite fun - I always enjoy getting to spend time with them.
I unpacked a bit before getting picked up by my grandmother and we headed off for our day. I joined her at the nail salon (my grandfather too!) for a manicure and pedicure. It's amazing how good I feel after a little bit of pampering :-) From there we headed to lunch, which was a huge salad (I had missed out of veggies Sunday during my day of traveling). I was one happy camper! It was a ton of fun and I was glad I got to catch up with them.

The rest of the day consisted of a couple of errands with Mom, a Kickbox Cardio class at the gym that kicked my booty, and a night of relaxing at home. I am determined to stay on track as much as I can while I'm home, which means smart choices during the day, exercise when possible (Dallas is not a walk-to-do-your-errands city like DC), and of course, enjoy my favorite foods I can't get in DC!

Today I have a list full of errands that I only get to do at home / are easier with a car. I'm excited for my day of running around town. Food pictures have been lacking, but there haven't been any super exciting meals yet. I did discover my grandmother's homemade fig jam (using figs from our fig trees in the yard) which was a delicious addition to my morning hot cereal!

Happy Tuesday!

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