Saturday, December 12, 2009

A bright start to the weekend!

Happy weekend everyone! It's been a sunny day with less wind - it was actually tolerable outside!

I spent the morning cleaning and putting my life back in order. It's amazing how quickly things get moved out of place over the course of the work week! I had toast (1 with PB and cinnamon, 1 with an egg white) and a pear drizzled with AB for breakfast as I did some computer work.

I needed to do my grocery store run earlier than normal because of my travel schedule. I had a few things to pick up for holiday parties and to make sure that I had healthy eats around for this week! Lunch when I got back was a random assortment of things: a salad topped with a bit of black lentils, the small bit of leftovers from dinner last night, and a clementine with 3 Gone Crackers with a drop of PB. I plan to head to the gym soon and want to make sure I have enough fuel in me :-)

Last night was the first night of Chanukah and I celebrated with friends at a young professionals service and dinner. I munched on some veggies during the happy hour time and then we headed to services. While they're not my favorite (because of the instrumentation) I still had a great time and enjoyed being around so many people to begin the holiday!! There wasn't anything for me to eat at the dinner though (pasta and latkes full of flour) so my friend and I grabbed a quick bite afterwards.

Early in the day I worked (and was excited for my toast and pear - same as today, AND to have my green tea after a 1 day hiatus!) and then picked up a quick salad from Whole Foods before my workout. In the mix is romaine lettuce, bell peppers, carrots, a bit of corn, 1/4c black bean soup (to warm things up instead of regular black beans), some feta cheese, and a drop of cranberry rice.

This lunch ended up being the perfect fuel for my run. I did intervals for the 3rd time this week and saw another improvement. I pushed myself and hit a new top speed, 7.1, which I ran at comfortably for a total of 4 minutes over the course of my run. I did a 5 minute warm up and 3 min cool down with this workout:
0 - 2: run at 6.0
2 - 3: walk at 3.8
3 - 4:30: run at 6.8
4:30 - 6: walk at 3.8
6 - 7:45: run at 7.1
7:45 - 9: walk at 3.7
9 - 10:30: run at 7.0
10:30 - 12: walk at 3.8
12 - 13:15: run at 6.9
13:15 - 15: walk at 3.7
(repeat thru 30,)
30 - 32: run at 6.7 (dropped to 6.6, 6.5 in last minute)
32 - 33: walk at 3.8
33 - 34: run at 6.5
34 - 35:05: walk at 3.8
I did 3.05 miles in 35 minutes and paced at 10:3 for my first 2 miles! I also biked for 10 minutes, did a 1 mile spring on the elliptical, and 3 sets of 12 each of bicep and tricep curls.

Laundry and beginning the cleaning was on the menu before services and I was proud to get it done and out of the way before the rest of the weekend! I also had a snack of an apple and some roasted veggies.

All-in-all it was a great start to the weekend and to Chanukah! I snacked on a clem and some chex and relaxed a bit.

I'm excited to see another friend tonight for dinner, candle lighting, and hopefully trying out a new flourless cookie recipe!

Happy Saturday everyone!

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