Saturday, December 19, 2009

DC's Snowpocalypse 2009

The snow has arrived!! The thundersnow began around 9pm last night and I don't think it's stopped since then. I was kind of excited to see how much snow we'd get overnight, but it doesn't look too different from my last peek at 1:30am. Then again, I have a birds'-eye view.

The winter wonderland is quite pretty and I actually enjoyed being out in the storm on my way to and from my party last night. I had a great time - it was soooo nice to catch up with my Cali friends and old neighbors after not seeing them for a few months!

Here's some pictures I took on my "hike" to and from the party. You can definitely tell the different in accumulation after just a few hours!

I hope that those of you who have snow are staying warm and safe. If you're in warmer weather, I'm pretty jealous :-)

Today's agenda consists of:
  • ABC Family's holiday movie line up - currently watching Home Alone 2, next up is Happy Feet!
  • cleaning the apartment
  • writing a couple of special blog posts
  • playing in the snow!!!
  • working out in my apartment - maybe pilates or a workout DVD, courtesy of youtube
  • lots of hot tea and warm, cozy foods
  • packing for Texas tomorrow!!

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