Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Ready, Set, Go!!

Wow, the past couple of days have flown by, and what fun it's been!!

Sunday night was my first Chanukah party of the week and it was a blast! The latkes and meatballs were yummy, the company fantastic, and I was so sad that I had to leave early to go babysit (and miss the fondue). There was a station for making your own snowman which was cute and clever. Kudos to our hostess, JS, for a great time!

Yesterday began with a delicious new twist on a regular breakfast. A lot of people recommend mixing pumpkin puree into their oatmeal for added thickness and fiber. Sadly, I'm allergic to pumpkin but decided to try something similar - smashed sweet potato! I had baked a sweet potato on Sunday to try at some point in the week. I must say, this is a great addition to my BRM hot cereal!
1/4c BRM GF hot cereal
1 c water
drizzle of sugar-free syrup
a few raisins
1 tbsp baked sweet potato (stirred in after cereal is cooked)
1/2 tbsp PB
lots of cinnamon
This bowl was quite fantastic. It tasted warm and cozy, just like Thanksgiving! There was a touch of sweetness from the sweet potato and the spice of the cinnamon really completed this combo!

I had a productive afternoon at work. Lunch was the rest of last week's adobo beef atop a salad for extra veggies.

After a quick stop at the store, I got ready for another holiday happy celebration. I met up with L and friend and we headed to the big party. The entire bar was rented out and all 3 floors were packed. I had a great time - I got to catch up with so many friends that I haven't gotten to see in a while which was great! It was late when I got home and I snacked on a bit of stir fry I had cooked up earlier, a couple of clementines, and some cereal.

I headed to bed early because today was another full day.

I had the same breakfast as yesterday, complete with egg white and pear, but couldn't finish all of my fruit and cereal so I packed it to bring with me. I headed out to meet a former colleague for coffee but we unfortunately mixed up our days so I ran a quick errand and headed into work early! I'm not sure if it was the coffee I had or the early start, but I was extremely productive all day long, which felt great!!

I left mid-afternoon and stopped home for a quick change into gym clothes, a snack, and then it was off to see a good friend, N, who was in town for a whirlwind visit. I really enjoyed hearing about his adventures in graduate school and catching up on our lives. Great conversations with friends always make me appreciate the quality people I have in my life. I'm grateful for the many friendships I have and the fact that I still get to see people from all parts of my life! It's especially nice getting to see a lot of these people over the holiday season!

My snack was the same on both Monday and Tuesday - an apple with cinnamon and a slice of GF toast with cheese melted on top. I was hoping for the same boost I had last week before my gym class.

Class tonight kicked my butt and I meandered home, in colder and windier weather than when I set out this morning, and have spent the night cooking up all sorts of veggies. Dinner was 1/2c Bush's vegetarian baked beans with some roasted red potatoes (and BBQ sauce, aka best condiment ever, yeehaw!) and broccoli. Dessert was 1/4c Greek yogurt with a small bit of a PB cookie crumbled up and chocolate Chex.

My cooking included sweet potato, some sweet potato chips, and an acorn squash, yum!

I'm off to bed in preparation for another full day - work, a holiday pot luck lunch, dinner with a friend, and holiday party #4!

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