Saturday, October 31, 2009

Another one bites the dust

After 12 hrs of sleep and a midnight dose of Advil after my evil fever returned, this time at 101.8, I kind of struggled to get out of bed. The only reason I did was I was really hungry that for some reason. I made some toast with PB and cinnamon with some grapes (no picture) and parked it on the couch to watch The View. I knew I was sick because the next time I moved from my couch was at 1:00 when it was time to head to the doctor's office.

I decided to take the short walk (just a few blocks) to the doctor and was glad that I did. My legs needed to move a bit after being so sedentary for the past 24 hours. I did however, pay for this decision as the fatigue really kicked in once I sat down in the waiting room. I joined the army of smartphone users wasting time until their name was called and gave myself a thank you for continuing to make my COBRA health insurance payments so that I was able to see a doctor without a huge hassle.

I found out that my flu test was positive (seasonal) and that I needed to plan to stay home for the next 4 to 5 days to recover. She also prescribed Tamiflu yet said that I could use my own discretion for filling it or not, and I was on my not-so-merry way.

Because I had exciting Halloween plans for the weekend, I didn't have much food in my apartment, let alone the foods that I crave when I'm sick (and are recommended by friends, colleagues, and Jewish mothers alike): soups, juices, and plain grains. I made a very quick pit stop at the grocery store, touching as few things as possible, and brought myself home.

My shopping purchases:G2, Amy's Black Bean and Chunky tomato Bisque (low sodium) soups, 2 kinds of chicken and rice soup, brown rice, Trop50 OJ, Hot and Sour soup, and Autumn Mix candy corn :-)

I also got some toaster waffles because who really feels like cooking from scratch when you have the flu...
One of my favorite Halloween treats:

I unpacked my goodies, which included my special Halloween treat since I'm no longer to celebrate the holiday out with friends, and took up residence on the couch for a Say Yes to the Dress marathon. I did finally get hungry later on in the evening and had a simple and comforting dinner which consisted of:
Amy's Reduced Sodium Shepherd's Pie
baked sweet potato with cinnamon
3/4 c peas
OJ, G2, and lots of water
a few pieces of my Autumn Mix candy corn

I headed to bed early yet again. My head was pounding and I was exhausted. My body decided to protest all of the rest though and I laid in bed wide-awake until about 12:30am.

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