Wednesday, November 3, 2010

New Month, New Goals... New Site!!

It's finally time - after 1 wonderful year of blogging, the Gluten Free Grazer is growing up and moving on!


Check out the new site: Make sure to adjust your readers to stay in touch.

Thank you for making my first year a success. Here's to a great second year!

Monday, November 1, 2010

Now that's a lot of fiber

Happy November everyone. Did you make any goals for the month? Check out mine to see what I'm hoping to do this month.

This morning I woke up quite calm and content - a rare feeling on a Monday morning but I went with it. I whipped up a bowl of hot cereal since it was quite chilly this morning. This bowl of cereal had 1/4c almond milk, 1/4c frozen raspberries, cinnamon, a drizzle of maple syrup, 2 crushed baby pecan halves, and 1/2T of peanut butter.

The morning flew by and I snacked on a baby Fuji apple with peanut butter before I headed to my training appointment.

Over lunch I headed to the gym for my long-awaited training session which did not disappoint. Dave made me do a ton of squats, TRX moves, abs, and balance moves. My legs were feeling like jelly by the time I left!

I was hungry and more than ready for lunch when I got back to the office. I had a salad with mixed greens, beets, bell pepper, and some chickpeas with 2 pieces of veggie sushi and a cup of my broccoli soup from last night.

The afternoon flew by and before I knew it my stomach was ready for a snack and the day was almost over. I had some roasted carrot and kabocha squash plus a cheese stick and a couple of chips. I'm pretty sure that little snack pushed me over my daily intake of fiber and vegetables, hehe.

After work I made a quick stop at Trader Joe's on the way home and had my heart set on sloppy joe's for dinner.

I used this recipe from Meatless Mama which is fool-proof and delicious. I ate a serving of the sloppy joe's with a toasted English muffin. If there was any question about the amount of fiber I consumed today, this definitely put me over!

I'm curled up on the couch watching the Rangers with a small pear and cup of vanilla cinnamon tea. There's supposed to be a frost warning in the morning, WTH?! :)

Do you like cold weather? Fiber: love it or hate it?

Holy Cow, it's November?!

Weren't we just celebrating the start of September and fall? Now it's November. I can hardly believe how quickly this year is flying by! Does anyone else feel this way? An even bigger shock for me was catching the sight of wreaths in the windows of a store this weekend. I guess the last 10 weeks of 2010 are quickly approaching. Yikes!

One of the great things about having a blog is being able to reference it to see what I was thinking and doing earlier in the year. It's like a journal of sorts. Anyways, early this morning I referenced my new year's resolutions from January out of curiosity. Now that it's November, how am I doing?

This is what I wrote: "I am focusing more attention on how to be a better me in a new decade - mentality, physically, socially, and personally.
While I haven't vowed to "lost 10 pounds" or "cut out all sugar in my diet" this year, I think that I've subconsciously resolved to try to move to a healthier balance and devote some brainpower to other areas of my life. It's a bit scary because I can't check those goals off on a list in the same way. But just like being able to balance well on both sides of a yoga stance, I think that focusing on this other half will help me strike an overall healthier balance in 2010."

Balance. A holistically healthy me. Health outside of fitness. And that's really what I feel like this year has been about for me so far.
So, in continuing to strive for an all around healthier me, I have put together a few goals for November. A few of them I'll be sharing now and a couple of them will stay off of the internet and personal for now ;-)

My November goals:
  • Run the Dallas Turkey Trot 5K in under 40 minutes
  • Try yoga after a 6 month hiatus and do it or pilates 1x per week
  • Try 3 new recipes this month
  • Unplug by 10:30pm on week nights
  • Enhance the content here on my blog and make a few exciting updates
While a lot of these are fitness related, there are others offline that are completely unrelated. I also think that unplugging will help me achieve all of my goals and make smart decisions throughout the holiday months :) Here's to a great month - I'm definitely excited for my favorite November weekend: Thanksgiving!!

What are your November goals? What would you like to see more / less of here on the Gluten Free Grazer?