Thursday, August 27, 2009

Trip to Georgetown

Tonight I met a friend for dinner in Georgetown. It's always nice heading to that part of the city and yet, I always forget how I tend to get frustrated with the influx of tourists meandering along the narrow cobblestone sidewalks. Nonetheless, I made it to my destination to meet L for a long overdue catch up. I've been craving Chipotle so I grabbed a salad from there while she got a sandwich. It was refreshing to be able to sit outside and talk. I took a new path home that followed Rock Creek Parkway from above but don't think it was any quicker than the way I would normally walk. I enjoyed the change of scenery though. Inspired by the fact that L had to go home and bake cupcakes for work tomorrow, I decided to do some baking of my own - the first time in my apartment's oven!! I made gluten free brownies and spiced them up a bit with some chopped walnuts. I also used applesauce instead of butter to make them healthy and yummy! I'd say that they were a success, and of course, I couldn't resist sampling one while it was still warm and gooey.
Tomorrow, as long as the weather holds out, I'll be heading to Virginia to spend the day with my friend at her pool. I'll be dreaming of more sunshine!

My Chipotle salad had lettuce, beans, corn salsa, red medium salsa, and cheese (but I had to take some of it off b/c there was so much!):

Brownie for a "bedtime snack" (I only had one, but it's picture didn't look too appetizing on it's own...):

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